Professional Video Production and Related Services

Wiley's Productions offers a variety of media related services. Including, but not limited to:
Wedding Video Productions SD or HD Format
Dance Recital Video Productions SD or HD Format
Dance Festival Video Adjudication SD Format
Training Video Productions SD or HD Format
General Video Productions SD or HD Format
Video Conversion Services SD & CF cards
Video Transfer Services VHS/8mm/Mini-DV/C-VHS
Wedding & Event Photography Services Copyright Free
Photograph Scanning, Restoration & Editing Services Photos/Negatives

Wiley's Productions is owned and operated by Bill Flegel of Lloydminster, AB. Bill is a retired teacher whose instructional assignment was video production and media technologies. Wiley's Productions has been serving the Lloydminster area since 2003. In that time, the business has worked on a variety of different video projects, predominantly wedding, dance and training.

For more information and pricing regarding these services
Contact Wiley's Productions.